u3base C++ Linux class for Labjack

Compressed archive u3base-20160121.tar.gz

Currently only the compressed archive of the class is available here.

This is a temporary web page until a new system is in place during spring 2016.

2016-01-21: Changed to use the non BULK methods to read and write to the Labjack unit.


There is now also a remote server/client system u3b_server/u3b which can be used to obtain or set values over the Internet (TCP/IP), with simple command on the port of Your election.

The client is precompiled for 64bit Unix/Linux, but should be easily compiled for Windows, OS X and Android.

Yout can issue requests like "u3b 5152 FIO5.voltage" to get the current anlog value of input FIO5. Similar you can set values "u3b 5152 SSW1 1" to set software swithch SSW1 to 1.

The u3b_server must be started on the same computer as the Labjack and the u3Base enabled program, as u3b_server uses shared memory to communicate with the controlling u3Base program.

Updated 2016-02-16